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Experience a high altitude training environment in your stay at Elgon Valley Resort. It is not easy to be the best. Runners can win also,if they do these things in Iten. We will help you achieve your fitness goals as well as introducing you to the routes passed by our famous athletes on their road to greatness.
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Our rooms offers an exceptional standard of accommodation, each with its own style and unique features.Both on the first floor and the second floor,these spacious rooms combine a blend of classic elegance of 21st century comforts whose superb decorative

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A memorable experience with a beautiful garden, perfect landscaping and room service, our cottage facility for family or even the travelers remains to be the best that any other hotel in the region would find it hard to match. We give a sense of “feel at home away from home” because we believe that there is no greater act of hospitality than to embrace a stranger as once own.

Local attractions

There are many local attractions close to Elgon Valley Resort ,Hiking along Kerio Valley Escarpment, Rimoi game reserve and visit to Torok Falls will be quite something,The famous Kamariny track Stadium and a high altitude training experience

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